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  • Kombucha on Tap

    Kombucha on tapEvery year there seems to be a new cutting-edge diet or exercise that emerges and tells us that, what we are currently doing needs a change.  Unfortunately, many of these health fads fade away as the newest philosophy or study takes the stage.  Let’s be honest, it’s hard to keep track of all the health dos and don’ts we read on the Internet.  Sometimes, they are better off being ignored.  One trend that shouldn’t be ignored, but in fact recognized is Kombucha on tap.  It is growing in popularity and popping up in health food markets all over the United States.

    We are proud to offer Anne's Kombucha onb Tap throughout San Diego, Temecula and Southern California.  See where it's offered on tap and learn more about

    Here is why:

    Health food markets have discovered a social aspect of drinking Kombucha among the health conscious demographic.  Yogis, athletes and health conscious people are getting together and enjoying pints of Kombucha similar to the way many enjoy pints at the pub.  It’s a way to be social without experiencing the detrimental health effects of alcohol.  This trend has grown so much over the past few years that even bars are carrying it for the social individuals who don’t want to get intoxicated.  Just like beer, Kombucha tastes more sparkling and alive on tap.  Unlike beer, Kombucha has many health benefits.

    Kombucha on tap

    Kombucha from the tap provides you with all the same wonderful nutrients but with much more effervescence, than Kombucha from the bottle has to offer.  When you drink from the tap, you are taking in all the nutritious acids and friendly bacterium naturally existing in Kombucha.  You are also helping the environment because many places that offer Kombucha on tap provide you with a reusable or recycled container.  It’s a win-win, protect your body and protect the environment.

    Kombucha is perfect after a morning yoga session or with friends on the weekend.  If you’re a Kombucha fan or if you’re in the mood to try something different and healthy, grab a glass of Kombucha on tap and taste a drink that everyone is craving.

  • Whole Foods & Anne’s Kombucha

    Produce department at Whole Foods La Jolla

    Produce department at Whole Foods La Jolla

    No matter where you live in San Diego today, you are probably not too far from a Whole Foods Market. With locations in Hillcrest, La Jolla, Encinitas and a new location to open soon in Del Mar, more and more San Diegans are enjoying the variety of fresh and appealing food that Whole Foods has to offer.


    Whole Foods is known for its focus on whole body health and wellness. The company has been ranked among the most socially responsible businesses and placed third on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's list of Top 25 Green Power Partners. They have an extensive variety of mostly organic fruits and vegetables, high quality soups, salads and pizza, as well as a number of hot and cold pre-made foods, and a variety-filled salad bar. The store offers cheese and wine tastings on the weekend, and throughout the week there are often samples of new products offered.

    Anne's Kombucha Cranberry Lime, Ginger and Blue Green Algae

    Anne's Kombucha Cranberry Lime, Ginger and Blue Green Algae

    With all the reasons to love Whole Foods, there’s no question why Anne’s Kombucha chose Whole Foods as one of the exclusive markets to carry their kombucha tea. Available in ginger, blue green algae, and cranberry lime, Anne’s Kombucha has quickly become a favorite Whole Foods product in San Diego and Orange County alike. Be sure to pick up Anne’s Kombucha at your local Whole Foods Market, with new flavors including original, watermelon ginger and pineapple arriving soon!

    To learn more about Anne’s Kombucha, visit Anne’s Kombucha.

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